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Daily Meditations
Grounding Techniques Many people suffering from anxiety episodes often feel ungrounded and disorganized. There is a pervasive sense of "things falling apart." When anxiety episodes occur, it often takes a concentrated effort just to get through the day, accomplishing such basic daily tasks as cooking, housecleaning, taking care of children, or getting to work or school. The next two exercises teach you grounding techniques that will help you feel more centered and focused. Practicing either of these exercises will allow you to organize your energies and proceed more effectively with your daily routine. All smokers think they are just smoking, they are actually deep breathing and getting grounded at the same time as they are getting poisoned by the toxins, but they do take time all day to BREATHE, the rest of us shallow breathe. Act like a smoker, without the cigarettes, just breathe deep all the time. Remember that Tonya can also do a healing for you and teach you some techniques that apply just to you. Remember to ask her those during your reading. Grounding Chord Meditation Sit in a comfortable position, your arms resting comfortably at your sides. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Let your breathing be slow and relaxed. Imagine a thick wide chord attaching itself to the base of your spine. This is your grounding chord. It can be a thick piece of rope, a tree trunk, or any other material that feels strong and stable. Make sure your chord is wide and sturdy enough. Then imagine a thick metal hook attaching itself to the end of your chord. Now visualize your grounding chord dropping down two hundred feet below the earth and hooking on to the solid bedrock below the earth. Continue to breathe deeply and notice the sense of peace and stability that your grounding chord can bring you. Replace the chord with a new one each day or whenever you feel your emotions getting out of control. The Tree Meditation Stand or sit straight up - your spine must be perpendicular to the Earth's surface. Sitting against a tree is really neat but not necessary. Take four (or however many you desire) deep inhalations and exhalations and get your mind in the right space. Visualize that you are breathing in golden-white light - this is prana. Prana is more than air; it is the life force that sustains all things. As you breathe begin to notice those areas of your body that are tense. Breathe prana into those areas and relax the tension. Start with the top of your head and work your way down to your toes. This next step is very important. Visualize that you are on a bridge that spans a body of water. Go to the top of the bridge and put all your thoughts, concerns, cares, and worries about your mundane life into a bag. Tie the bag closed and throw it into the water. Watch the bag float for a time and then see it sink down. Now VISUALIZE your spine and body as a tree trunk. See and feel roots growing from your legs (or tailbone if sitting) and send them into Mother Earth. Let your roots tap deeply and send them to the Earth's center. There you will see a glowing silver-blue ball. Allow your roots to wrap around the ball like fingers. Think to yourself that this ball is the heart of the mother, the stone, the center, the home of our ancestors and the realm of the ancient ones. Then allow the energy from the ball to rise up your roots and feel the Earth's energy (the power of immanence, the power within) to fill your body. Feel the energy travel up your spine into your head. Feel it come out of the top of your head and fall down upon you like a fountain. Feel it fill your entire body and being. Next, VISUALIZE that there are branches full of leaves coming up from your head and shoulders. Allow them to grow way upwards. Allow your branches to wrap around the sun and to take in the light so that you may bear "fruit"-the fruits of wisdom, intelligence, creativity, etc. Feel the energy come down the branches and let it fill your entire body and being right down to your feet. You are now grounded and centered with two energy circuits moving within you.

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